A teaching hand

As we move up the corporate ladder, one of the easiest ways to stop doing the parts of our work we find unpleasant is to get someone else to do it for us.

There is a catch, though. Finding happiness by making other people unhappy is unsustainable. One way or another it’ll come back to bite us.

But there is a way everybody can win: when you become a teaching hand instead of a tasking hand.

Whenever you need to get rid of a task you don’t enjoy, try to find a way to use that task to teach someone a skill, a habit or a mindset that will develop that person professionally. Then make sure they know and understand what’s in it for them. Help them connect the dots. Teach them.

You’ll win twice and the positive effects will continue for a much longer time than you could have ever imagined.


Written by Younes Lattenist