Free sample

Dreaming about what we want is exciting. It’s also the first step to actually getting it.

But when it comes to work, there’s nothing like doing the stuff to get a real feel for it. We can dream and imagine all we want, but the ultimate test is how we feel while performing the task.

Management consulting firms get that. That’s one reason they use case-style interviews. The truth is, if you prepare enough you can ace a case interview and potentially fool the employer (and yourself) into thinking you’d be great at the job.

The smart way to do it is to take full advantage of that “free sample” of work. Ask yourself if you enjoyed tackling the scenarios presented to you. Then trust your feeling. If you did not enjoy the case interview, regardless of your performance, you’ll be better off not taking the job.

Whether we are assessing a new job opportunity or simply trying to figure out our next move, getting a real taste of the task is critical. Whenever possible, ask for and taste that “free sample.”


Written by Younes Lattenist