Younes Lattenist

Younes Lattenist, CEO

As founder and CEO, Younes brings to life the vision of Mintful, guiding the organization’s development and growth. He holds an extensive background in business strategy and international commerce. Previous endeavors include co-founding marketing company TribalVision, successfully helping establish the business with a new model of client service. Prior to that, he worked with McKinsey & Company. He holds an MBA from Dartmouth College and is a former Air Force captain.

Nicolas Jacobeus

Nicolas Jacobeus, CTO

Nicolas is a digital entrepreneur, consultant, and educator. He brings over a decade of experience assembling talented teams, building effective web and mobile tools, and crafting efficient methodologies to meet the technology needs of young, growing businesses. In addition to his role as CTO at Mintful, he is currently the CEO of Belighted, a software consulting and development company that provides remote-hire software engineers helping startups meet their development deadlines.