Member FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Mintful offers a new way to think about your work life, so we expect you’ve got questions. You can start your search for answers here. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch with us. We welcome your questions and will continue to add more FAQs.


How can I get started?

It only takes a minute to start adding information, and our input process is quite simple. You will not need to recreate your entire resume here. We focus on helping you understand the things that make you happy at work, so our prompts and questions are a little different.

When you’re ready, you can create your own anonymous perfect job to bring structure to everything you’re learning. And if you wish, you can then receive matching opportunities from employers. However, there’s no commitment to take the next step, ever, and you may find great value in simply using our prompts as you think over what you really need from your work situation.

Are there any limits on the type of work available through Mintful?

No. We want you to be able to find the working arrangement that will bring you happiness. What one person needs may be completely different from another. Therefore, we have no limits on the type of work you can find here.

Can I share my profile publicly?

There is no way to share a profile publicly; however your profile will receive exposure within the Mintful matching process if you activate a “perfect job” you’ve created.

We provide our members with an absolutely safe, private space to think and express deeply held beliefs, needs and desires related to their work and professional lives. We look to remove any factors that may detract from that introspection. Profiles and perfect jobs are matched anonymously with employers, introducing them only if both parties are interested.

What are “happiness drivers”?

“Happiness drivers” is a term we use at Mintful to refer to those things that are important to your happiness. In your dashboard, you will have a chance to think deeply about the things that influence your happiness at work. We provide a framework for you to express your happiness drivers in a way that is meaningful for you and for employers. This helps to make sure your future career decisions take these important considerations into account. Our mission is to help people work happy!

What is a “perfect job”?

In your Mintful account, you will see the opportunity to “Create a Perfect Job”. This is a chance for you to design a job that you think perfectly suits you.

You can create multiple perfect jobs. Follow your dreams and explore various activities that interest you. There is absolutely no need to restrict yourself to the work and industry you are currently in.

Your perfect jobs can serve as tools to help you think about what you really want and need to be happy at work. If you wish to actively pursue one or more of your perfect jobs, you may enter them into the Mintful matching process. Then employers can apply to them!

How do I apply for jobs on Mintful?

You don’t actually apply for jobs on Mintful - you create a perfect job and employers apply to you!

When you enter your job into the Mintful matching process, our team looks to see if there are any employers who might be a good fit for you. If there is a potential match, we share your perfect job and profile with the employer, keeping your identity completely anonymous. If they wish to apply, we will contact you with the details. And then, if you are interested, we will introduce you.

It is a deeply personal process compared to typical job hunting platforms - and a process where you remain in control.

Can my current employer see my profile on Mintful? How can I know for sure?

We understand you will need to feel completely at ease in order to explore your work happiness drivers fully. That’s why we take your privacy so seriously. Our technology and processes are designed to create and support that safe environment. For example, perfect jobs on Mintful are not associated with candidates’ names. Your private information including your name and contact information always remains hidden. If an employer is a potential match for your perfect job, you will then be given the option to connect. Your identity is only provided when you accept an invitation to connect with an employer. You always remain in control.

Is there any way to speed up the process?

We realize there may be many reasons why members want to find a job quickly. Mintful is focused on helping job searchers find a job that will give them the greatest chance of being happy in their work. Thus we encourage you to take your time to consider all facets of the deeply personal questions in the process.

When you’re ready to make yourself available to employers, you can create a perfect job and enter it into the Mintful matching process. You may create as many perfect jobs as you like, and we will look for matching employers for each. Creating jobs for each of your desired industries, for example, may be one way to open yourself to more choices.

Is there any cost to use Mintful? How does Mintful make money?

Members can use Mintful for free. Employers will bear any cost associated with matching.

We make money when we help organizations find a person who appears to be a good match for a job opening, and that person is also interested in being introduced.

Employers pay for introductions. Because of the great care taken by all participants to be transparent and introspective, we expect that very few introductions will be required before a successful match is found.

Our incentive is to make matches that are meaningful for both employers and job searchers.

What if I leave a job I found through Mintful?

We hope you will be happy in the job you find via Mintful, but of course there are no penalties or any negative consequences if a new job doesn’t turn out how you expected. That is a member’s opportunity to learn more about their happiness drivers and how to present that to employers. Happiness is a moving target, and one criteria you thought was important may become less so, while new drivers will emerge that you hadn’t thought of, as you continue to gain experience in looking for what makes you happy.